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Calender barring

a self-excited vibration, in the audible range, that results in excessive vibration and caliper variations

Calender barring is a self-excited vibration that typically occurs at frequencies of 75 Hz and above. Much work was done in this field during the 1960's and 1970's, yielding a number of computer programs that attempted to model the vibration. These programs calculate optimum offset that minimize the barring. These models assume that the roll is a rigid mass - that there is no flexibility in the roll and each end of the roll follows the motion of the other end exactly. Subsequent work has shown that the rolls do flex and that one end of a roll does not necessarily move in phase with the other end.

A fresh look has been taken into the fundamentals of calender barring using theory that has been developed for self-excited vibration in fields such as machine tool dynamics.

Spectrum-Tec offers a presentation which explains this new model, and offers a procedure by which to understand and eliminate calender barring.


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