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Vibration Analysis


    • Vibration Analysis

      A complete service of dynamic analysis is available including vibration and pressure pulsation measurements. Service can range from process stability, where an intimate knowledge of the process is important, to determining the source of a high vibration on rotating machines or other structures.
      Techniques used include:

    • time and frequency domain analysis of transient events

    • phase and amplitude vibration measurements of machine trains to determine the source of vibration problems

    • spectral mapping to relate vibration amplitude and phase to machine speed – a powerful method to determine the

      critical frequencies of the system

    • comparing vibration and pressure pulsations to recognized standards

    • frequency or order display of the mapping results

    • operating deflection shape analysis


The following list is representative of the problems we can help you resolve:

high vibration or noise levels

excessive vibration in machine trains

qualifying modal properties

rotor critical speeds

intermittent vibration problems

characterizing resonance

reducing process variability

flow induced vibration

self-excited vibration

structural vibration

hand-arm vibration

vibration severity in hand tools

characterizing vibration vs. speed



Fatigue/Durability Analysis



Spectrum-Tec has also worked in other industries including petro-chemical, steel, and water purification. Spectrum-Tec readily provides custom solutions when required.

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