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Spectrum-Tec has provided services to various industries, including pulp and paper, steel, mining, petro-chemical, automotive, and water purification.

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Spectrum-Tec provides four major types of services:


1) Design Evaluation and Testing

When a new product is being prepared for market, it is essential that there be no undesirable side effects related to vibration. Spectrum-Tec has conducted evaluation testing for products as diverse as digital tablets, steel and wood hammers, and automotive components.




2) Vibration Analysis

Our expertise with numerous dynamic analysis tools helps to efficiently and confidently resolve vibration concerns.  Analysis tools such as vibration and pressure pulsation measurement, spectral mapping, order tracking of transient events, modal testing, and torsional vibration analysis, etc. are invaluable for large-scale rotary and oscillating equipment, optimizing productivity and quality, and minimizing risk.  These techniques may also be used effectively on smaller equipment and vehicles.




3) Fatigue/Durability Analysis

Machinery undergoing cyclical loading can fail with stress levels below the ultimate failure strength, due to fatigue effects.  To determine the life of the component, the stress levels, number of cycles and geometrical and material properties must be taken into account.




4) On-line Permanent Condition Monitoring

Production is crucial to the financial well-being of process industries. The cost of unscheduled lost production can exceed thousands of dollars per hour. Instead, On-line Permanent Condition Monitoring discovers faults in their early stages, allowing for strategic repairs and eliminating unplanned shutdowns and expensive catastrophes.





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